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Advertise on App Money and get real people to try your app.

The Shout out begins here - Appmoney has a vast Active User base and to reach out to all these billions of youngsters effectively we have lot many options for you.

We give you an effective opportunity to communicate and pitch your brand. Surely you have spent millions on branding but how sure are you that people are still talking about you?

Appmoney team has marketing experts and they have developed effective ways of branding and rebranding for all the advertisers as we know what makes people talk about a Brand!

Advertising For Brands

  • The best way to Interact with youth, who are your potential customer today and tomorrow.
  • Help you get Viral with incentivized campaigns , pushing people to share and talk about the brand.
  • Full page creative advertising and then pushing users to share your ad too, you pay on each share only.
  • Brand or Category Coupons, you can add coupons and let users share the coupons too for brand awareness and creating the Buzz as well as sale.

Brand Videos

  • Brand video ads , we display them and users watch in a CPV Campaign.
  • we can make it viral by incentivized sharing- which in turn helps in brand building and brand recall through social media.

Quiz & Surveys

  • We all know how important user Insights are! Understanding your customer needs is important as this helps you develop your own market strategy.
  • We help you here too by reaching out to potential customers through surveys and quiz forms.
  • You get leads of your potential customers and know what they want, what else do you need to serve them.
  • You have options to get a segregated data based on demographics, age, gender, relationship status, social status, financials and income range.
  • The best part is you pay for only the filled surveys. We work on incentivized surveys too , which gets you a better quality data.

Advertising For Apps

We help you promote your App through Appmoney with all possible means like:

  • Increasing user engagement by push notifications and making them complete certain levels or tasks and paying them for this by developing a reward system.
  • Communication with the user base through surveys and quiz, educating them about your app and thus increasing curiosity and then providing goods. Pay only for the desired actions.
  • We help you make your App viral by pushing people to download and share the app and get paid for the desired actions.
  • You can have your app videos too and push and make people share and view it, so that more people know about your app and thus download it and start interacting with the app.
  • We help you introduce new features by giving you insights of what the user base found missing or great about your app. You can test your new features too and get feedbacks to know market response. You can make it best by paying out people to use the new feature and paying for the feedback given.

So , finally when you have made your mind and decided to let us help you , you just need to contact us and send in your queries and proposal here, people from our team will get back to you within 24hours.